"Visionary. A real creative thinker. Joanne has a keen sense of space, colors and environment. She is able to assess a space and make creative and brilliant suggestions. With enthusiasm, she always tries to implement new and different ideas. She is also adept at listening to her clients' needs, wishes and preferences. Most importantly, she is one of the most generous and kindest people I have ever met. A true pleasure to work with!"

- Julie



"Joanne and Paul worked together as a unique and competent team to transform my home into an organized and more peaceful place. Joanne had an eye for design and function specifically that was in alignment with my needs. Together they came into my home and created a completely new space I couldn't previously see for myself. I needed help making my son's bedroom into a more grown-up and comfortable space. Joanne not only saw a vision of a more workable room, she was able to re-purpose shelves and other furniture in my house for his bedroom, saving me money on new furniture. They are both extremely talented and generous with their knowledge and time. I'm so glad I got their help in transforming my living space."

- Tori Quisling, Port Washington, NY


"I call Joanne Kane my yoga decorator. I first hired her to help clear out my old office so my husband could build a home gym. She literally went through bookshelves and drawers with me, item by item, helping me throw out or relocate. She never forced me to throw something away, but she gave me some tough love.

As we worked we talked about the functions of an office. I didn’t even know that I needed a better home office for seeing clients, but before Joanne was done I had a brand new office redecorated with crown molding, fresh paint, and new artwork. We scavenged underused furniture from other rooms in the house. The project cost next to nothing, because Joanne is happy to shop at Michaels and keep to a budget. Now that the office is done, we have been working through the rest of the house - tidying up, rearranging, and improving the “energy.”

Joanne keeps talking about energy flow, which I used to think was a lot of mumbo jumbo. Now I think she may be on to something. Since I have been working with Joanne my husband offers to do the dishes, my daughter picks up after herself (sometimes), and I have so many clients that I am turning people away. We stayed home for Memorial Day weekend because our home is so pleasant! I suggest that you call Joanne if you need to get your life in balance now."

- Laura